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Precious nature for a precious life

The name Pfanner stands for a family, a company, a brand, and a philosophy: To give our utmost to produce high-quality products using the gifts of nature. The people, their needs and in our case taste, enjoyment, health and refreshment are at the centre of this philosophy. This means that at every level of the production process we apply the highest quality standards, which we ensure through constant monitoring and controls. We take great care when selecting, processing and bottling our fruits. We believe that innovation, development and continuous improvement are a reflection of a living brand. And this has stood the test of time: Over the course of more than 160 years, Pfanner has gained the trust of millions of consumers.


Hermann Pfanner Getränke GmbH was founded in 1856 and is still fully family owned. The company has 1000 employees throughout Europe. Since 1998 the company turnover has tripled, mostly as a result of a strong export sales. Today Pfanner has production sites in Enns (AT), Lauterach (AT), Policoro (IT), Hamburg (DE) as well as Bar (UA) and an export share of 80%. Only 20% of the produced goods remain in the country of manufacture.



The roots of the family business go back to Max Hermann Pfanner and the year 1856...

Sustainability & social responsibility


Pfanner’s fruit juice and iced tea expertise is appreciated around the world. The family company from the Vorarlberg region has production sites in Lauterach, Enns, Hamburg, Policoro and Bar. Only 20% of the manufactured goods stay in Austria, the remaining 80% are exported to more than 80 countries worldwide. The main markets are Germany, Austria, Italy and the Czech Republic.

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Pfanner pays particular attention to the quality standard in the company. It has achieved top level certifications (IFS) in all plants. “The love of fruit as the basis for the high quality standard” is the guiding principle of our company.

- Outstanding quality management
- The most state-of-the-art factory in Europe
- The highest environmental standards

IFS Food Certificate


When Peter Pfanner is not in front of the camera shooting TV commercials, he is the managing director and co-owner of Pfanner GmbH. A successful company like Pfanner, dedicated to enjoyment and a healthy lifestyle, has to do its business with a certain degree of seriousness. The same is true when it comes to quality and the relationship we have with our business partners and customers. But products that are associated with this much enjoyment and fun must not be presented in a too serious way – don’t you think?

In the mountains

Above the clouds

Pfanner Active

Pfanner Fairtrade

The bear is back

Apple Picking

Guiding Principle

- The love of fruit has been the basis for the high standard of quality in our family business for 160 years.
- Through creativity and innovation, we deliver healthy and enjoyable products.
- We work with interesting customers, partners and suppliers who challenge and fascinate us, and have exacting requirements. We communicate clearly and honestly for the benefit of everyone involved.
- We continue to develop in harmony with society, we are committed to sustainability and the preservation of resources, and we treat our competitors with respect.
- Together we pull out all the stops and we always question everything we do. The laurels of today are the compost of tomorrow.
- We make efficient use of our plants and resources and we create a high level of cost awareness in all areas. - We make significantly more money than we spend, and our expenses include fair remuneration and future investments at a very high level.
- When it comes to management, sales and production, we set high standards through attention to detail, impeccable hygiene and the latest technologies.
- We view our mistakes as challenges, because they are experiences that help us to continue to improve. We have the courage to be truthful in critical situations.
- Our working environment is cooperative, constructive, turbulent, a bit crazy, and full of laughter, and we appreciate and support one another.
- We foster and demand commitment from our employees through training courses that provide inspiration and promote an entrepreneurial mindset.

We do not work at Pfanner, we are Pfanner.


Compliance as an element of responsible company management

PFANNER is committed to ethical and environmentally sustainable practices and integrity in all its business activities. The associated values and standards are defined in a code of conduct, which forms the basis of all our business activities and decisions. As an integral part of our corporate culture it is binding for all employees of the PFANNER Group.