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The best fruit from Europe

The name Pfanner stands for a family, a company, a brand, and a philosophy: To give it our best and to produce high-quality products using the gifts of nature using the latest processing technologies. Our business partners may build on this solid foundation, because we offer the same high-quality fruit juice concentrates, aromas and fruit purées which we use for the Pfanner brand.

Selected goods

We have our roots in Europe and we know what's what. We are always on the lookout for the best produce from Europe: Austria and its neighbouring countries to the east, for example, have an ideal climate for the cultivation of sour apples and pears. In Basilicata in southern Italy, on the other hand, you find the most fruity peaches, apricots and tomatoes. We process the sun-ripened fruit in these regions to capture their authentic flavour as much as possible. To allow the aroma of the fruit to develop, we place special emphasis on ripeness and selection. We only process fruits that are perfectly ripe.

Sustainable fruit growing

We make sure that the fruit meets the requirements of sustainable development. We buy the ripe fruits on this basis. To better meet this criterion and to have more control over quality, we have our own plantations (some of which are organically certified) that use environmentally friendly cultivation methods:

- Single-origin fruits with a special aroma
- Cultivation of varieties that are naturally resistant and thus require less pesticides
- Economical use of fertilisers and pesticides for fewer and controlled residues
- Better control over harvest and processing with optimum maturity

As much NATURE as possible, that's our motto.

Pfanner Halbfabrikate in Laborumgebung

Processed using the latest technologies

Producing high-quality products from the gifts of nature is our ultimate goal. We take the utmost care when processing the fruit. We use many state-of-the-art technologies to produce the best fruit juice concentrates, aromas and fruit purées from freshly harvested produce.

Authentic and full fruit flavour

State-of-the-art, fast and gentle fruit processing methods allow us to preserve the fruit's quality and authentic flavour, which in turn allows us to meet the quality requirements of our customers.

Careful production for best quality

We have to meet high quality standards at every production stage; these are monitored and tested by external certification bodies, which allows us to continuously improve our production processes and safeguard the high quality of our products.

Pfanner Schälchen mit Fruchtpürees

Turned into high-quality semi-finished products

In addition to the production of fruit juices and iced teas, Pfanner has 80 years of experience in fruit processing. Over the years, we have acquired an outstanding level of expertise in the field of semi-finished products. Moreover, Pfanner also offers a variety of organically certified and baby food-grade fruit products.

Not-from-concentrate – fruit juice concentrates – FTNF fruit juice aromas

Nature is our most important supplier: Our not-from-concentrate juices, fruit juice concentrates and FTNF fruit aromas are produced using fresh, healthy and ripe fruits; they are not adulterated in any way, such as by adding sugar or acids. They are processed in such a way that neither the way they taste nor their nutritional values change and the original properties of the fruit are preserved.

Fruit purées and purée concentrates

Our purées and purée concentrates offer a natural and genuine fruit taste combined with a pleasant mouthfeel – ideal for processing into fruit juices, nectars and smoothies as well as jams, fruit fillings and dressings.

Certified manufacturing

Our fruit purées, fruit juice concentrates and FTNF fruit juice aromas meet the recommendations of the FAO/WHO Joint Expert Committee on Food Additives (JECFA), the FAO/WHO Joint Meeting on Pesticides Residues (JMPR) and the specifications of the Codes Alimentarius Commission.

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Halbfabrikate in Glasflaschen

Our product portfolio

Pfanner Halbfabrikate in Fässer

Our services

We offer a product portfolio tailored to your business!

Are you looking for a high-performing supplier of semi-finished goods? You, too, can benefit from the offerings of Pfanner and find fruit preparation solutions tailored to your requirements and specifications. Our day-to-day collaboration with interesting customers and reliable partners and suppliers challenges and fascinates us. We always focus on straightforward and honest communication for the benefit of everyone involved.

Optimised logistics

As a manufacturer of natural fruit and vegetable ingredients, Pfanner provides the best raw materials from a single source; we also provide a straightforward storage service, which saves unnecessary logistics expenses.

Solid fruit preparation expertise

Our family business has decades of experience and development expertise in high-quality fruit processing. We also have the technological expertise and knowledge about the compatibility of the individual ingredients and what must be borne in mind for the different formulations. That's why our customers have been placing their trust in product quality, outstanding taste and guaranteed product stability for more than 160 years.

Pfanner Produktionsstandort Policoro


The fine raw materials are processed at 4 production sites in Europe using state-of-the-art processing technologies: Enns (AT), Lauterach (AT), Policoro (IT) and Bar (UA).


Dipl. Ing. Hans-Jürgen Sachs

Landkarte mit den 4 Produktionsstandorten