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Fruit facts

Which antioxidants are in the different fruits?

in fruits
  Flavonoids    Carotinoids    Vitamin C  
Apple  x  x
Pineapple  x
Apricot  x
Banana  x
Pear  x  x
Red Orange  x
Cranberry  x  x
Grapefruit  x
Orange  x  x
Black Currant  x  x
Peach  x
Strawberry  x
Mango  x  x
Tomato  x  x

Free radicals are formed in the body by metabolic processes as well as strong sunlight, cigarette smoke, alcohol, pesticides, heavy metals, stress and high meat consumption. They are seen as destroyers of vessels and cells, they are the prime suspects when it comes to cancer and even ageing in general. That's why we should make sure that free radicals do not form in the first place. The regular consumption of antioxidants in the form of fresh fruits, vegetables or tea naturally prevents free radicals from proliferating. Many Pfanner products contain sufficient quantities of natural antioxidants: Cranberries, black currants, apples and teas, for example, are rich in natural antioxidants. The table below also shows you which fruits contain valuable antioxidants.