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geerntete Orangen im Erntekorb

Go West

Accompany us on a little trip to South America, where the "fair” oranges blossom! This is where the fruits for the Pfanner FAIRTRADE Orange grow and where the fruit is processed immediately after harvesting. As early as 2001, Pfanner entered into a partnership with the FAIRTRADE association, and we are their most high-volume partner when it comes to fruit juice. If the idea of FAIRTRADE is something close to your heart as well, then watch out for the FAIRTRADE logo on Pfanner's orange juice when you are in the supermarket.

Blühende Apfelbäume

Go North

The fruits for our exotic juices and iced teas often come from far away. But sometimes, the best is very close by. At Lake Constance for example. Its mild climate and many days of sunshine not only attracts countless tourists and day trippers, it also offers ideal growth conditions for our Pfanner 100% Apple from Austria. The apples from the orchards on Lake Constance impress with their perfect balance of sweetness and acidity, which makes them excellent for apple juice.

reife Granatäpfel am Baum

Go South

The heavenly pomegranate grows in the mild climate of Turkey. In many cultures this fruit is seen as a symbol of life and fertility. The name of the fruit comes from Latin and means “with seeds”. A pomegranate contains some 400 ruby red tangy-sweet kernels which are individually embedded in seed chambers inside the fruit. The fruits used for Pfanner Organic Pomegranate Nectar are grown in selected organic growing regions in the south-west of Turkey. Accompany us on a journey to the Mediterranean region, where this precious “fruit of the gods” thrives.

Sonnenuntergang über einer Teeplantage in Sri Lanka

Go East

The tea plant is said to have been discovered in 5,000 BC. Today, tea is one of the most popular beverages worldwide, and it is mostly cultivated in tropical and subtropical regions at altitudes of up to 2,500 metres. The fine green teas for the unsweetened Pfanner Pure Tea Green Tea come from the central highlands of Sri Lanka. Accompany us to the Far Eastern world of tea to discover the origin of the tea plant!