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  • Pfanner Botanic Tea Himbeere-Rosmarin

    Pfanner Botanic Tea

    For Pfanner Botanic Tea, we pour the finest herbs from nature with hot water and let them steep in it for a certain amount of time. Carefully blended with a dash of fruity raspberry juice and Mediterranean rosemary, this limited edition combines the best of refreshing fruit and the finest herbs from nature.

  • Fruchtsaft von Pfanner in praktischer Kartonflasche

    SIG combidome - the handy carton bottle

    In the first quarter of 2017, the Pfanner 1.0-litre fruit juice range changed to a modern carton bottle; it is comfortable in your hand, and the screw cap in the middle allows the content to be fully emptied and a drinking straight from the packaging.

  • Pfanner Eisteesortiment mit 30% weniger Zucker

    Less sugar - more refreshment

    Made without sweeteners and with 30% less sugar than the classic Pfanner iced teas, the new products promise fruity refreshment with a full flavour. The handy 0.75-litre drink carton with large screw cap means that the low-sugar iced teas are pleasant to drink from the carton – the ideal on-the-go thirst quencher!

  • Pfanner Pure Tea Sortiment

    Pure enjoyment with Pure Tea

    0% calories, 0% sugar and 0% sweeteners: The refreshing tea beverages in high-grade organic quality in the 1.0l PET container are your ideal companion. A specially developed brewing process gives Pure Tea an intense tea flavour – without any sweeteners.

Peter Pfanner und Firmensitz in Lauterach

The family business

Pfanner’s roots go back to Max Hermann Pfanner and the year 1856. Today, Pfanner is one of the largest apple processors in Europe, and the family continues to play an active part in this internationally renowned family business. Let us tell the story of this traditional company, which today is run by the fifth generation, steering it into a successful future.

Hürdenläuferin vor Pfanner-Banner

The success story

The family business has always been marked by a love of fruit and great competence when it comes to apples. It started out with apples and soon became a success story: Pfanner can now look back on a more than 160-year history and 900 employees throughout Europe. Every year, the company processes some 120,000 tonnes of fruit in its own production at five sites. Pfanner is held in high regard beyond the borders of Europe for its meticulous manufacture of fruit juices, fruit nectars and fruit concentrates, as well as iced teas, tea drinks, wines and fine brandies.

Fruchtsaft- und Eisteelandschaft bilden das Pfanner-Sortiment

Our product range

Immerse yourself in the refreshing and fruity world of Pfanner!


Our wide range of several hundred products has something for everyone: Fruit juices and nectars made from the best fruit – from local to exotic fruit and from tangy to sweet: we have everyone’s favourite! And our great variety of iced teas and tea drinks also promises refreshment and enjoyment: The carefully selected Pfanner teas are always freshly brewed. The gentle preparation method brings out the characteristic full-bodied tea flavour.

Ein Bauer erntet Bananen

Sustainability & social responsibility

Pfanner is a traditional company where the aspect of sustainability plays a very important role. What’s more, the company is also committed to social responsibility. At Pfanner, these values not only find expression in quality labels like FAIRTRADE, Rainforest Alliance and BIO, Pfanner’s environmental awareness is also reflected in the eco-friendly and resource-conserving production method and the efficient use of sustainable packagings. 

Our advertising

When Peter Pfanner is not in front of the camera shooting TV commercials, he is the managing director and co-owner of Pfanner GmbH. A successful company like Pfanner, dedicated to enjoyment and a healthy lifestyle, has to do its business with a certain degree of seriousness. The same is true when it comes to quality and the relationship we have with our business partners and customers. But products that are associated with this much enjoyment and fun must not be presented in a too serious way – don’t you think?