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Abfüllung von Getränken in Glasflaschen

Contract bottling

Pfanner can do more than just fruit juice!

Our customers know and appreciate us not only as a brand manufacturer, but also as a bottling contractor. In the area of co-packing, we offer tailored solutions for fruit juices, fruit drinks (standard, organic and not-from-concentrate), wines, energy drinks, iced teas, special drinks and other soft drinks. Our many years of experience as a drinks manufacturer makes us a competent partner for contract bottling. With us as co-producer, there are (almost) no limits.

Pfanner product development: Zippy and innovative

You benefit from our international expertise coupled with a special contract bottling team. Together with you, we find a tailored overall solution, from development to the provision of goods!

With a finger on the pulse

Modern production facilities, high standards and an excellent quality management ensure that your product idea is professionally implemented. Ambitious ideas are bolstered by a high level of flexibility and prompt implementation. Good service is the basis of a successful working relationship, and for us this means: Honesty, fast response times, trust, integrity and partnership!


Our customers value Pfanner as an efficient and reliable contract bottler! Together with more than 60 partners we continue to set new standards. For many years, we have been carrying out co-packing projects tailored to your needs, in Europe, Africa, Asia and the US. Let us convince you!

Contact us and we will start putting your idea into practice!

Abfüllung von Weichpackungen auf Förderband

Our soft packing offers

Abbildung des Sortiments an Weichpackungen zur Lohnabfüllung
Unser Sortiment an Weichpackungen ist vielfältig. Wir finden bestimmt die beste Lösung für Ihr Produkt.

In harmony with the environment: Wood is the most important part of the recyclable drinks carton. It is a naturally renewable raw material and as such an important sustainability factor of the packaging. What’s more, the modern generation of consumers sees packaging made from cardboard as a symbol of convenience, freshness and safety.

All Pfanner carton packagings carry the FSC label, which guarantees that the packaging comes from sustainable forest management and is a renewable resource: The FSC system safeguards the use of forests in accordance with economic, social and environmental needs of today’s and future generations.

The carton packaging is light and oxygen-proof, easy to pour and non-drip and has a variety of print and design options, making it a special packaging solution for a new generation! The use of renewable resources, the reduction of CO2 emissions, low energy and drinking water consumption during manufacture, recyclability as well as transport and logistics efficiency all aim to protect the environment.

Abfüllung von Dosen auf Förderband

Our can offers

Abbildung des Dosensortiments zur Lohnabfüllung
Unser Sortiment an Dosen ist vielfältig. Wir finden bestimmt die beste Lösung für Ihr Produkt.

Cans are easy to handle in every respect: They are easy to transport, easy to open, and easy to cool. As a single-serve packaging as part of a multi-pack, they are an unbeatable convenience pack when it comes to contract bottling!

The can’s cost and volume efficiency for production, storage and logistics means that it delivers great advantages for drinks manufacturers: It is fully light and gas-proof, thus guaranteeing the quality of the content as well as a long shelf life. Due to the considerable reduction in material, today’s cans weigh only a quarter of their predecessor in the 1950s. Their walls are thinner than human hair and the recycling rate around the world continues to increase, which is kind to the environment and means that natural resources are reused many times.

Cans also bring many advantages for retailers: As a mini advertising column combined with glossy decorations it offers endless design possibilities and plenty of potential for the future. It saves retailers handling costs as it takes up little space on the shelves. If consumers correctly recycle the aluminium cans, they can be reused an infinite number of times.

Abfüllung von Getränken in Glasflaschen

Our glass bottle offers

Abbildung des Sortiments an Glasflachen zur Lohnabfüllung
Unser Sortiment an Glasflaschen ist vielfältig. Wir finden bestimmt die beste Lösung für Ihr Produkt.

Glass bottles are waterproof, neutral and retain their shape: A multi-talent, whether disposable or reused. And unlike PET bottles, the resources for glass are not limited. Because as long as there is sand in the desert, glass bottles can be made from silicon.

Glass as a recyclable multi-talented material preserves the purity of the content like no other packaging material! It is waterproof inside and outside and it does not allow any exchange between content and packaging, and therefore protects all kinds of food. Glass does not allow any chemical exchange processes to take place, such as moisture absorption or loss of CO2, which means that if properly stored the original quality of the content is retained even after a long period of storage

Abfüllung von Getränken in PET-Flaschen

Our Pet bottle offers

Abbildung des Sortiments an PET-Flaschen zur Lohnabfüllung
Unser Sortiment an PET-Flaschen ist vielfältig. Wir finden bestimmt die beste Lösung für Ihr Produkt.

Their convenient handling, light weight, resealability and unbreakability make PET bottles a popular alternative to the glass bottle. What’s more, their low weight means low energy consumption during production and much larger volumes can be transported than is the case for glass bottles, which in turn protects the environment.

Our PET bottles are free from plasticisers, which is why you can drink out of these convenient 0.5, 1.0 and 1.5l plastic bottles. If consumers correctly dispose of the PET bottle, it can be properly recycled and reused an infinite number of times. Help to ensure that plastic bottles no longer end up in the sea to save valuable raw materials.