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Pfanner legt Wert auf die Umwelt

In General


PFANNER is committed to ethically and ecologically sustainable practices in all of its business activities. In order to meet the associated ideals and standards, we expect our suppliers to adhere to our values and standards.



In order to guarantee high-quality and safe foodstuffs for customers at all times, suppliers must meet Pfanner’s quality requirements. Pfanner purchases according to the following criteria:

- exclusively GMO-free goods
- if possible, raw materials from SGF
-certified suppliers
- if possible and available, allergen-free substances
- suitable for vegetarians and vegans
- packaging with confirmed conformity with legal requirements
- packaging that has passed migration testing.



For PFANNER, the basis for good cooperation and long-term business relationships is mutual trust and treating business partners with honesty and respect. In the same vein, clear and honest communication in all business areas and an open corporate culture that promotes these values and behaviours are essential. We treat business partners the way we would like to be treated. Partnership, honesty and the utmost respect represent the basic values that we always maintain in business relationships. Our open, friendly corporate climate creates an ideal environment in which these modes of interaction are put into practice by all employees – both among themselves and in contact with customers, suppliers and partners.

Pfanner Schälchen mit Fruchtpürees

What we purchase

Flavours (natural and FTNF)

- Apple
- Orange
- Pineapple
- Pear
- Pomegranate
- Tomato
- Blood orange
- Peach
- Lemon
- Berries
- And much more

NFC juices
- Apple
- Pear
- Coconut
- Orange
- Ginger
- Grape

Purées and purée concentrates
- Mango
- Lychee
- Strawberry
- Raspberry
- Banana
- Apple
- Pear

- Sugar
- Tea
- Ascorbic acid
- And much more

- Preforms
- Cans
- Soft packaging
- Glass

- Bottle caps
- Twist-off caps
- Screw caps


- Sleeves
- Shrink wrap
- Sealing film
- Dispenser film

Containers incl. inner liners
- Barrels
- IBCs
- Cartons
- Combo boxes

Tanker transport and storage

Pfanner Kontaktperson

Downloads & contact

Pfanner conditions of purchase (PDF)
Code of conduct (PDF)


Hermann Pfanner Getraenke GmbH
Alte Landstrasse 10
6923 Lauterach

+43 5574 6720 156
+43 5574 6720 137
+43 5574 6720 117