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Schale mit Erdbeeren und Zucker

Fruit facts

Is sugar natural?

All fruits contain natural fruit sugar. For example, a juicy sun-ripened apple contains around 10%. This natural fruit sugar is of course also contained in our juices. The riper the fruit when harvested, the higher the sugar content of the final product. While our 100% juices have no added sugar, we balance our fruit nectars, fruit drinks and iced teas with natural sugar. The sugar is produced either from European sugar beets or from South American sugar cane. Natural sugar makes fruit acid less intense, which makes a naturally acidic and tangy black currant nectar palatable. For Pfanner, taste is the priority; we nonetheless do what we can to keep sugar content as low as possible.

When it comes to sugar substitutes, we do not regard sweeteners as a healthier alternative to sugar. Their widespread use can lead to a worrying level of daily consumption. Furthermore, many consumers do not like the taste of sweeteners. Pfanner therefore does not use sugar substitutes to sweeten its products.