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Our classic fruit juice range


- Sour cherry drink with at least 30% fruit content
- With precious vitamin C
- Energy value 57 kcal per 100ml
- Available in the 1.0l SIG combidome container

The crimson-coloured, fruity-tangy sour cherry originates in Asia Minor. The Romans popularised it throughout Europe many centuries ago. The stone fruit is harvested and then gently pressed. Elderberries are added to the harmonious sour cherry drink, which is an excellent thirst quencher, either on its own or mixed with sparkling mineral water.


Fairtrade 100% Orange

- 100% orange juice
- Energy value 43 kcal per 100ml
- Available in the 1.0l Elopak container

Pfanner premium-quality fairtrade 100% Orange Juice is made without added sugar and it is rich in natural vitamin C. Pfanner Fair carries the FAIRTRADE label.

FAIRTRADE is a strategy for combating poverty, and it guarantees improved living and working conditions for small farmers and wage labourers in the growing countries. According to Fairtrade standards, fruit juices can be produced in terms of balancing volumes / indirect traceability (learn more). And by the way: Pfanner has been a successful Fairtrade partner since 2001, and is the most high-volume partner when it comes to juice, with by far the largest range of Fairtrade products.

Our organic range

100% Organic Apple

- 100% freshly pressed, naturally cloudy organic apple juice
- Without added sugar
- Energy value 46 kcal per 100ml
- Available in the 1.0l Elopak container

The naturally cloudy Pfanner organic 100% Apple Juice contains fresh apples from controlled organic farming. It is harvested in the Lake Constance region, where the climate is mild, and gently pressed and bottled in Austria. The organic label guarantees that the fruit is grown naturally and in compliance with organic guidelines. Organic farming is non-genetically modified and uses no synthetic pesticides or mineral nitrogen fertilisers. This not only helps to maintain species diversity, it also protects the environment.

Our organic range in the 0.5-litre glass bottle

Organic Apple

- 100% apple juice
- Freshly pressed
- Naturally cloudy
- Energy value 47 kcal per 100ml
- Available in the 0.5l glass container

Freshly pressed – naturally cloudy – this apple juice is a new addition to our range. Around 1 kg of freshly harvested organic apples are used for half a litre of 100% Organic Apple Juice. They have a great aroma and a perfect balance of sweetness and acidity. Not-from-concentrate means: The apples are harvested sun-ripened, gently pressed and bottled without the intermediate "concentrate” step. This is what gives the Pfanner Organic Apple Juice its natural taste. Without added sugar.

All fruit and vegetables used for the Pfanner organic range in the classic glass bottle come from carefully selected organic growing regions. Pfanner has been organically certified for many years and all its organic products carry the organic quality label. This is tested by Austria BIO Garantie (ABG), an association that ensures the authenticity of organic products. Regular inspections ensure that the guidelines are adhered to, from the producer to the consumer. The organic label guarantees that the vegetables and fruit are naturally farmed. Careful pressing and gentle heating without the addition of preservatives or other additives means that the natural character of the juice is retained.

Our Premium Gastronomy range

Gourmet ACE

- Multi-fruit drink with 30% fruit content
- Energy value 42 kcal per 100ml
- Available in the 0.2l glass container

Pfanner Gourmet ACE is a multi-fruit drink that is an outstanding blend of fruit and vegetables. The fruity taste of this product comes from fresh apples, juicy oranges, tangy lemons and the best carrots.


Sparkling Apple

- Apple nectar with at least 55% fruit content
- Sparkling and fizzy
- Without added sugar
- Energy value 27 kcal per 100ml
- Available in the 0.5l PET container

Pfanner Sparkling Apple contains at least 55% apple juice made from apple juice concentrate and sparkling fizz. This classic among thirst quenchers is ideal for sport and leisure, school and office.

Our Premium range

100% Orange from Brazil

- Freshly pressed orange juice from Brazil
- With precious vitamin C
- Without added sugar
- Energy value 43 kcal per 100ml
- Available in the 2.0l Tetra Rex

Many hours of sunshine, plenty of water and fertile soil are needed for the oranges to develop their wonderful sweet and fruity taste. Brazil, with its mild climate and unique vegetation, produces the most high-quality fruits for this not-from-concentrate juice. Not-from-concentrate means: the oranges are harvested sun-ripened, gently pressed and bottled without the intermediate "concentrate” step. This allows Pfanner to guarantee top quality and outstanding taste!

Vitamin Range

Vitamin Reload

- Multi-fruit drink with 40% fruit content
- Enriched with vitamins and magnesium
- Energy value 40 kcal per 100ml
- Available in the 2.0l Tetra Rex containers

Pfanner Vitamin Reload is a composition of red fruits like apple, grape, chokeberry, blueberry, raspberry and strawberry, and provides you with 8 essential vitamins and magnesium. This extra dose of vitamins supports your and your family’s well-being! Just one glass (250 ml) covers your daily vitamin C requirement, which helps your immune system function properly. Magnesium helps your muscles and nervous system function normally.